What is WordPress

Hi Friends welcome to Adswork.club. we are providing useful and informative articles about Digital marketing and technical tips. In today’s life everyone want to know that how to earn money on the daily basis from home. So Our Aim is to provide best informative article what a user search in Google search engine. So let’s start. Our today’s topic is about What is WordPress and How can be used this platform.

What is WordPress ?

WordPress is a open source CMS (Content Management System). WordPress Helps user to create Dynamic blog and website. The most Popular blogging system of the web is called WordPress. WordPress allow user to create, edit and customised their CMS Website.

What is CMS (Content Management System)?

Content Management System (CMS) is a tool or software where we can store data like text, photo, music and document etc. The CMS allow user to edit, modify and Publish the content of a website.
What is the history of WordPress?
On 27th may 2003, two person Mr. Matt Mullenweg and Mr. Mike little was launched WordPress. But in 2009, WordPress officially Declared as open source.

Main Features of WordPress :

1. User Management :  In WordPress, you can create 1 or more user to create website and any of them, the admin can manager information of all others users. Admin can change the user role like as contributor, Subscriber, Author, Editor and Administrator. An Admin change change their user name and password. The authentication is the main part of a user manager.

2. Media Management : media management is a tool that manage media files and folder. This tools allow you to upload images, video etc. This tools allow use to manager your files on your website.

3. Theme : There are so many themes in WordPress platforms. Many themes are free. You can use free themes to give a good look to your site. but there are premium theme also. Premium themes gives more attractive look to website. But they are paid themes. Both premium and free themes contain images, stylesheet, custom page, template file. 

4. Plugins : There are so many plugins in WordPress. Like themes in WordPress, plugins are also free and paid. for better Seo of our website we have used Yoest Plugin. According to the need of user’s plugins provide custom features and functions.

5. Importer : Importers are the very useful function of WordPress. It is used to import data as a post from different website. Importers can import Custom Files, Comments, Post pages, and tag also.

How to Earn Money From Blogs ?

Everybody wants to make money but everybody confused that how to earn, where to start, what are the difficulties and rest of them, the main thing is people confused that what they should choose wordpress, Blogger, Tumblr whenever people thinks to start a blog.

So first we should think that what we want to do with blog. If we want to create blog for fun only then you can use blog spot or Tumblr because they are free and easy to manage.

But if you want to create a blog to promote your business or if you want to earn money with your blog then you should go with WordPress. It is a professional platform to work on. It is simple and easy to use. You can earn money very easily with wordpress. If you want to know that how you can earn money with WordPress then click on this link. 

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