Top 5 Must Have WordPress Plugins

Top 5 Must Have WordPress Plugins

Are you Looking for best plugins for your blog. In this article I am sharing you the details of all necessary Plugins There are lots of plugins available for WordPress user. So it it very difficult to recognise that which one make a difference and which are over hyped. It is not a matter that what types of website you are running and what niche you are choosing for your blog, there are some plugins that you want to install and used them. So those plugins which are very important for your site, we are going to discuss here. In this article we are going to share five must have plugins for your website on WordPress and we will provide information or details about all of them. So Lets start.

1.Review Old Post :

In today’s life social media is the source of over 30 % of traffic to most of the sites. So if you are not active on social media that means you are losing out a huge amount of potential traffic. I am sharing you an interesting data that approximately 2 billion and 300 million user log into twitter and Facebook respectively each month. So if you are not using social media then start using social media from today because those networks can increase your chances of reaching to the right user.

It means that the plugin which we want to point out here is definitely worth your time. So i am going to tell you about first plugin and that is Review Old Post. It is very helpful to drive more traffic on your website through social media. This plugin takes your new as well as old post and share automatically them to Facebook and twitter.

Key Feature :

Share old and new post of your website to Facebook and twitter automatically.
you can set a schedule for publication on social media platform.
It include hashtags and links back to your websites.
It is Free and it’s premium version is also available.


2. Yoast SEO :

Yoast SEO is the most popular SEO tool in WordPress. It is very important plugin for your website because it will help you to improve your website Seo and it can analyse your content readability also. So it is very powerful and very important plugin for your website.
As we concerned about the SEO of your website, there are many ways to drive traffic to your website. however none offers as much potential user as search engines. Each day, google handles over nine to ten billion searches on google. So it is not an exaggeration that organic traffic can make or break your website.

Key Features :

Using Keywords and meta descriptions it will optimise your WordPress post and pages.
It makes improvement easily and you can see how well your content is optimised currently.
It can improve your content’s readability with just simple tips.
It is Free but there is Premium version of this plugin is also available.

3. Updraft Plus :

Every day, an average of 30,000 website get hacked. and the second thing is that sometimes your website can stop working due to simple errors.
Example : Most of the people use 10 or more plugins for their website and these plugins receive monthly updates so it is clear that compatibility error is common. So a single recent backup of your site can save you from a ton of headaches and whether you have been hacked so you just want to migrate your site.
There are lots of plugins for WordPress backup but only few of them are useful and easy to use as Updraft Plus.

Key Features :

Create Automatically and manual backups for your WordPress site.
you can store your backups on cloud or locally.
restore your WordPress site to its previous state.
it is free but the premium version of this plugin is also available.

4. Compress JPEG and PNG Images :

The Average file size of website is 63% images. that means optimise your images can make a difference to your website page load times.
It is very important for your website because if your website takes more than 3 second then you can loose your visitors because one half of your user will abandon it. Compress JPEG and PNG Images plugin takes every graphics which you upload to WordPress site and Optimised it so that it takes up less space.

Key Features :

It compress your images using lossy optimisation automatically.
It can optimised Your JPEG and PNG images
It can optimised your old images in bulk
It can resize any images which you upload on your website.
It is free for up to 500 images per month.

5. WP Rocket :

WP Rocket is a very powerful plugin and it is a very powerful caching plugin that will help you to speed up your website loading times. We have already talked about why quick page load times are so critical and caching solution is more effective solution than image optimisations.

Key Feature :

Catch your sites dynamically generated pages .
It can imprive user end browser caching.
It enables lazy loading for faster loading times.
It is a premium plugin that start at 39$ for a single website yearly.

So these are the most important plugins for your website and we recommend that you have yo use them.

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