How to Setup SSL Certificate on your Website

How to Setup SSL Certificate on your Website

What is SSL ?

The full form of SSL is Secured Sockets Layer. It is a Cryptographic Protocol which help to protect and secure data being transferred through a computer network. This data would be transfer between a website and a visitor. If you are using payment gateway on your website or transmit and collect credit card information then you must have SSL connection on your website.
As you know that most of the website begin with “https://” with a green padlock thats means your website is secure. So in these days you must have SSL Certificate. SSL helps in establish encrypted link between web server and the website visitors. It means that all the data passed between the two is always private and no-one can have access to it.

There are different types of SSL Certificates like

Extended Validation SSL (EV)
Organization Validation SSL (OV)
Domain Validation SSL (DV).

Now the question is how to secure a website with free SSL? I am telling you the easiest way to get SSL Certificate.

1.Create an account on Cloudflare.

Fill all the details related to your user name , email id etc. then click on “create account”.

2. Add your Website URL here.

Now when you sign in with your login details then second step is to configure your domain

3. Configure Domain DNS Record

when you add your website URL then the next step is to configure your domain or website DNS server, you will see an orange color cloud next to your domain or website. The meaning of that orange color cloud is that your configuration is correct.

if you see your domain with this orange color cloud then your next step will be to click on “continue”.

4. Select your Clodflare Plan

When you clicked on continue then the next window will appear about a cloud flare plan. For most of the website , the free plan would be perfect. so you have to choose free plan for your website and for that just click on free plan button and then click on continue.

5. Update Name Server

Now when you select free plan the next step is to update your name server. So to do this process you have to go your domain registrar account like go daddy, blue host, name cheap etc and find the setting to change the name-server of your domain or website. Now you have to DNS Management in your registrar account and delete your existing name server and add the new name server that Cloud flare provided.

When you have changed your name server , you have to go to cloud flare account and click on “continue”.

6. Set up SSL of your website

when all the 5 steps or process above would be completed then you can get SSL configurations. Go to crypto tab in your cloud flare dashboard. then a window will appear

select flexible from the drop down menu. now you have to scroll down the page to the end and select “Always HTTPS Rewrites” and then click it on or you can say turn it on.

This option is helpful to fix content by changing http to https on all the internal links of your website. The next option is to create a page rules. for that you have to click on “page rules” option in the cloud flare dashboard.

Click on create page rules

Example – My website name is “ ” so if i wants that https work on my site then i need to add my website in page URL like this :

now click on save and deploy. now logout with your cloud flare account as well as WordPress dashboard account. and check your website URL in incognito window.
sometimes it takes time but usually it work within 30 minutes. Delete your previous history and check your website again. It will redirect automatically.

2 plugins you have required to complete SSL Process on your website.

  1. Cloud flare
  2. Really Simple SSL


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