How to Get Free Traffic from Pinterest

How to Get Free Traffic from Pinterest

Are you looking for how to get free traffic from Pinterest?

Do you want to increase your Pinterest Traffic?

Looking for best way for free traffic from Pinterest?

So I am sure that you have heard about Pinterest because It is a powerful visual tool or you can say powerful search engine where can grow your website traffic. It is the best place for new business and new website to gain new following. In this platform you can build community very quickly because It has millions of users and in this post i will show you how to grow your followers on Pinterest.

Why We Needs More Pinterest Followers. 

Pinterest followers can helps you in many ways such as :

You can get more Likes

You can get more Repins

You can get more Comments

You can get more Followers

These all factors help to drive traffic on your site.

Some Facts About Pinterest :

Womens are using more Pinterest than a man. The Ratio of using Pinterest between womens and mens are 70:30. 70% Womens are using Pinterest and almost all the users of Pinterest remain online in united states because Pinterest is the biggest social platform in the United States. So Pinterest is the game changer for new bloggers and business man because everyone can get more traffic from Pinterest.

In this blog, i am sharing with you 3 easy steps to drive traffic from Pinterest.

Step 1 : Sign Up with Pinterest and Set Up Your Pinterest Account

It is very simple to set up new account on Pinterest. Just click on Sign up button and fill all the necessary data and add a profile picture.

Step 2 : Do research for your Niche (Website) on Pinterest.

This step is more important this step would increase your traffic or followers on Pinterest.

For Example : My website is on blogging and make money online so i would search with related terms like blogging and make money online. When your search will be complete then next step is to click the Pinner button here you can see the list of others users who are using Pinterest and that are related to your niche. So just go through this list and follow at least 500 people who are related with your niche and wait and watch in just few days your page or your profile will be automatically grow with original traffic.

Step 3 : Pin Lots of Work

So when you add new content to your site so make sure that you have a large and attractive image on that page then you have to do that image and make sute that your page have a link of your website or page and in your description also. so every time when you submit content on Pinterest so you just get a backlink from high authority site but it is just starting because when some one repin your post in their profile then you get a baclink so if you have submit lot of content and it has been reposted on different profiles you get a backlink from there. This is the best positive way to get more traffic from Pinterest and backlinks from high authority site like Pinterest

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