How to Create WordPress Website Free

How to Create WordPress Website Free

How To create WordPress Website . Setting up a new WordPress Blog can be difficult for the new users especially for non-tech users. I will tell you here from starts to end. So keep in touch with us. when you thought that you are ready to create a blog then Godaddy managed WordPress is the best option for you to start. Because it is the best solution for new users. You can create a WordPress site within 20 minutes. You may follow the Following guide.

Set Up WordPress Blog (Godaddy).

  1. you have to purchase a Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting Plan. The Basic plan in Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting is best and to start. I am sharing you the hosting plan links so that you can buy easily from Godaddy.

2. First step is Sign Up for Godaddy account with your personal email or mobile number

3. When you signed up with Godaddy , they will give you 1 used id and support pin.

4. Sign in with your registered gmail id or phone number.

5. After sign in, click on “Manage” from right sidebar in Godaddy and select “My Products”.

6. Here you can add a new site.

7. Use your credit as the plan you have chosen. (Picture)

8. Next step is choose your website you want to add. if you are new then you can search the website name as you want and when it is confirmed then follow next step.

9. Click on I am building a brand new site.

10. Next you can pick your domain name. you can either choose new domain with research or you can choose existing domain if you have.

11. When you completed above 10 step then it is time to setup username and password for your WordPress blog. These are the login credential which is necessary to login on your WordPress site or Blog.

12. Click on “Install” button and it means you are ready to install WordPress Application. It Will take few minutes to complete his setup.

13. When Your installation is complete, then click on “Get Started”. Now you can go the WordPress Setting page to Dashboard of WordPress Application.

14. Click on “Start Wizard” as you see in the picture.

15. Now Set up your Website name and industry , title or tagline of your website on next page.

16. Now you can choose themes for your WordPress blog or site.

So that’s it. It is the complete process to create a website in WordPress. All of the above steps will take your 10 minutes to set up. When you logged in to your Website dashboard in WordPress, you can customize it or you can start your new blog. But as i said in previous article : Top 10 Best Ads Networks For Bloggers, If you want to apply for these ads network then your website should be new and secure.

In my next article. I will describe how to secure your website.

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