How to Get Free Traffic from Pinterest

How to Get More Traffic From Pinterest

How to Get Free Traffic from Pinterest

Are you looking for how to get free traffic from Pinterest?

Do you want to increase your Pinterest Traffic?

Looking for best way for free traffic from Pinterest?

So I am sure that you have heard about Pinterest because It is a powerful visual tool or you can say powerful search engine where can grow your website traffic. It is the best place for new business and new website to gain new following. In this platform you can build community very quickly because It has millions of users and in this post i will show you how to grow your followers on Pinterest.

Why We Needs More Pinterest Followers. 

Pinterest followers can helps you in many ways such as :

You can get more Likes

You can get more Repins

You can get more Comments

You can get more Followers

These all factors help to drive traffic on your site.

Some Facts About Pinterest :

Womens are using more Pinterest than a man. The Ratio of using Pinterest between womens and mens are 70:30. 70% Womens are using Pinterest and almost all the users of Pinterest remain online in united states because Pinterest is the biggest social platform in the United States. So Pinterest is the game changer for new bloggers and business man because everyone can get more traffic from Pinterest.

In this blog, i am sharing with you 3 easy steps to drive traffic from Pinterest.

Step 1 : Sign Up with Pinterest and Set Up Your Pinterest Account

It is very simple to set up new account on Pinterest. Just click on Sign up button and fill all the necessary data and add a profile picture.

Step 2 : Do research for your Niche (Website) on Pinterest.

This step is more important this step would increase your traffic or followers on Pinterest.

For Example : My website is on blogging and make money online so i would search with related terms like blogging and make money online. When your search will be complete then next step is to click the Pinner button here you can see the list of others users who are using Pinterest and that are related to your niche. So just go through this list and follow at least 500 people who are related with your niche and wait and watch in just few days your page or your profile will be automatically grow with original traffic.

Step 3 : Pin Lots of Work

So when you add new content to your site so make sure that you have a large and attractive image on that page then you have to do that image and make sute that your page have a link of your website or page and in your description also. so every time when you submit content on Pinterest so you just get a backlink from high authority site but it is just starting because when some one repin your post in their profile then you get a baclink so if you have submit lot of content and it has been reposted on different profiles you get a backlink from there. This is the best positive way to get more traffic from Pinterest and backlinks from high authority site like Pinterest

Top 5 WordPress Themes Free Download

Top 5 WordPress Themes Free Download

Are you looking for Free WordPress Theme for your Blog or Website? In this blog, I will tell you about Top 5 WordPress Themes. There are so many best free WordPress themes present in WordPress Platform. It is very difficult for the beginner to find the best suitable theme for their needs. So we are providing an article about the free WordPress blog theme. This article helps to find best and suitable WordPress theme for your blog and website. Our focus with this information is to provide best knowledge about free WordPress premium theme. Although its depend upon your website or blog which theme you will use but we are providing some best WordPress theme. so you can use these WordPress blog themes also.

Free WordPress Blog Themes

1. Astra Theme – Astra theme is very popular and and fastest loading page WordPress theme. It is very helpful to create or build any types of website. Whether it is a business site, E commerce site, or any site you can designed and build with Astra theme very easily. Astra theme have all the features which is necessary to build a site. You can use his demo site also to build your perfect website. Adswork recommend this theme to build your site.

2. Divi Theme – It is a multipurpose theme. Divi theme is a drag and drop WordPress page builder. it is providing all the features which you want to build a perfect website. Divi theme have their pre-made layouts and customisation options, you can use them very easily. The layout of Divi theme is mobile responsive and have all the features like social buttons, landing pages and colours.

3. Ultra Theme – Ultra theme is suitable for all kinds of websites because it is multipurpose theme and very flexible theme. you can use this theme and install ultra theme with just 1 click. It is also drag and drop page builder to help to create a stunning website. In ultra theme you can find the best layout for a website and custom widget social media integration and many more options also.

4. Spencer – Spencer is suitable for all kind of blogs and website. It us stylish, modern and multipurpose theme. Spencer have innovative designs and layout and many theme templates, which are very helpful in to design of a website. you can set your theme very easily with their live customisation and supports options.

5. Indigo Theme – Indigo theme is also very powerful and multipurpose theme. It is a modular theme to create your own layouts of website. But Indigo themes have many feature like easy contact form page, Google fonts and google maps. It is very useful theme for the beginners.

So, These are the top 5 WordPress theme, these theme are very useful and very easy to for the beginners to create their first site and all the themes have easy layouts and responsive. Hope so you have liked this information. and used these themes.  So, When you completed this task then your next task is to increase traffic on website i will tell you in next blog that how to get more traffic from Pinterest and how to get backlinks from Pinterest. 

Top 5 Must Have WordPress Plugins

Top 5 Must Have WordPress Plugins

Are you Looking for best plugins for your blog. In this article I am sharing you the details of all necessary Plugins There are lots of plugins available for WordPress user. So it it very difficult to recognise that which one make a difference and which are over hyped. It is not a matter that what types of website you are running and what niche you are choosing for your blog, there are some plugins that you want to install and used them. So those plugins which are very important for your site, we are going to discuss here. In this article we are going to share five must have plugins for your website on WordPress and we will provide information or details about all of them. So Lets start.

1.Review Old Post :

In today’s life social media is the source of over 30 % of traffic to most of the sites. So if you are not active on social media that means you are losing out a huge amount of potential traffic. I am sharing you an interesting data that approximately 2 billion and 300 million user log into twitter and Facebook respectively each month. So if you are not using social media then start using social media from today because those networks can increase your chances of reaching to the right user.

It means that the plugin which we want to point out here is definitely worth your time. So i am going to tell you about first plugin and that is Review Old Post. It is very helpful to drive more traffic on your website through social media. This plugin takes your new as well as old post and share automatically them to Facebook and twitter.

Key Feature :

Share old and new post of your website to Facebook and twitter automatically.
you can set a schedule for publication on social media platform.
It include hashtags and links back to your websites.
It is Free and it’s premium version is also available.


2. Yoast SEO :

Yoast SEO is the most popular SEO tool in WordPress. It is very important plugin for your website because it will help you to improve your website Seo and it can analyse your content readability also. So it is very powerful and very important plugin for your website.
As we concerned about the SEO of your website, there are many ways to drive traffic to your website. however none offers as much potential user as search engines. Each day, google handles over nine to ten billion searches on google. So it is not an exaggeration that organic traffic can make or break your website.

Key Features :

Using Keywords and meta descriptions it will optimise your WordPress post and pages.
It makes improvement easily and you can see how well your content is optimised currently.
It can improve your content’s readability with just simple tips.
It is Free but there is Premium version of this plugin is also available.

3. Updraft Plus :

Every day, an average of 30,000 website get hacked. and the second thing is that sometimes your website can stop working due to simple errors.
Example : Most of the people use 10 or more plugins for their website and these plugins receive monthly updates so it is clear that compatibility error is common. So a single recent backup of your site can save you from a ton of headaches and whether you have been hacked so you just want to migrate your site.
There are lots of plugins for WordPress backup but only few of them are useful and easy to use as Updraft Plus.

Key Features :

Create Automatically and manual backups for your WordPress site.
you can store your backups on cloud or locally.
restore your WordPress site to its previous state.
it is free but the premium version of this plugin is also available.

4. Compress JPEG and PNG Images :

The Average file size of website is 63% images. that means optimise your images can make a difference to your website page load times.
It is very important for your website because if your website takes more than 3 second then you can loose your visitors because one half of your user will abandon it. Compress JPEG and PNG Images plugin takes every graphics which you upload to WordPress site and Optimised it so that it takes up less space.

Key Features :

It compress your images using lossy optimisation automatically.
It can optimised Your JPEG and PNG images
It can optimised your old images in bulk
It can resize any images which you upload on your website.
It is free for up to 500 images per month.

5. WP Rocket :

WP Rocket is a very powerful plugin and it is a very powerful caching plugin that will help you to speed up your website loading times. We have already talked about why quick page load times are so critical and caching solution is more effective solution than image optimisations.

Key Feature :

Catch your sites dynamically generated pages .
It can imprive user end browser caching.
It enables lazy loading for faster loading times.
It is a premium plugin that start at 39$ for a single website yearly.

So these are the most important plugins for your website and we recommend that you have yo use them.

How to Setup SSL Certificate on your Website

How to set up ssl

How to Setup SSL Certificate on your Website

What is SSL ?

The full form of SSL is Secured Sockets Layer. It is a Cryptographic Protocol which help to protect and secure data being transferred through a computer network. This data would be transfer between a website and a visitor. If you are using payment gateway on your website or transmit and collect credit card information then you must have SSL connection on your website.
As you know that most of the website begin with “https://” with a green padlock thats means your website is secure. So in these days you must have SSL Certificate. SSL helps in establish encrypted link between web server and the website visitors. It means that all the data passed between the two is always private and no-one can have access to it.

There are different types of SSL Certificates like

Extended Validation SSL (EV)
Organization Validation SSL (OV)
Domain Validation SSL (DV).

Now the question is how to secure a website with free SSL? I am telling you the easiest way to get SSL Certificate.

1.Create an account on Cloudflare.

Fill all the details related to your user name , email id etc. then click on “create account”.

2. Add your Website URL here.

Now when you sign in with your login details then second step is to configure your domain

3. Configure Domain DNS Record

when you add your website URL then the next step is to configure your domain or website DNS server, you will see an orange color cloud next to your domain or website. The meaning of that orange color cloud is that your configuration is correct.

if you see your domain with this orange color cloud then your next step will be to click on “continue”.

4. Select your Clodflare Plan

When you clicked on continue then the next window will appear about a cloud flare plan. For most of the website , the free plan would be perfect. so you have to choose free plan for your website and for that just click on free plan button and then click on continue.

5. Update Name Server

Now when you select free plan the next step is to update your name server. So to do this process you have to go your domain registrar account like go daddy, blue host, name cheap etc and find the setting to change the name-server of your domain or website. Now you have to DNS Management in your registrar account and delete your existing name server and add the new name server that Cloud flare provided.

When you have changed your name server , you have to go to cloud flare account and click on “continue”.

6. Set up SSL of your website

when all the 5 steps or process above would be completed then you can get SSL configurations. Go to crypto tab in your cloud flare dashboard. then a window will appear

select flexible from the drop down menu. now you have to scroll down the page to the end and select “Always HTTPS Rewrites” and then click it on or you can say turn it on.

This option is helpful to fix content by changing http to https on all the internal links of your website. The next option is to create a page rules. for that you have to click on “page rules” option in the cloud flare dashboard.

Click on create page rules

Example – My website name is “ ” so if i wants that https work on my site then i need to add my website in page URL like this :

now click on save and deploy. now logout with your cloud flare account as well as WordPress dashboard account. and check your website URL in incognito window.
sometimes it takes time but usually it work within 30 minutes. Delete your previous history and check your website again. It will redirect automatically.

2 plugins you have required to complete SSL Process on your website.

  1. Cloud flare
  2. Really Simple SSL


How to Create WordPress Website Free


How to Create WordPress Website Free

How To create WordPress Website . Setting up a new WordPress Blog can be difficult for the new users especially for non-tech users. I will tell you here from starts to end. So keep in touch with us. when you thought that you are ready to create a blog then Godaddy managed WordPress is the best option for you to start. Because it is the best solution for new users. You can create a WordPress site within 20 minutes. You may follow the Following guide.

Set Up WordPress Blog (Godaddy).

  1. you have to purchase a Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting Plan. The Basic plan in Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting is best and to start. I am sharing you the hosting plan links so that you can buy easily from Godaddy.

2. First step is Sign Up for Godaddy account with your personal email or mobile number

3. When you signed up with Godaddy , they will give you 1 used id and support pin.

4. Sign in with your registered gmail id or phone number.

5. After sign in, click on “Manage” from right sidebar in Godaddy and select “My Products”.

6. Here you can add a new site.

7. Use your credit as the plan you have chosen. (Picture)

8. Next step is choose your website you want to add. if you are new then you can search the website name as you want and when it is confirmed then follow next step.

9. Click on I am building a brand new site.

10. Next you can pick your domain name. you can either choose new domain with research or you can choose existing domain if you have.

11. When you completed above 10 step then it is time to setup username and password for your WordPress blog. These are the login credential which is necessary to login on your WordPress site or Blog.

12. Click on “Install” button and it means you are ready to install WordPress Application. It Will take few minutes to complete his setup.

13. When Your installation is complete, then click on “Get Started”. Now you can go the WordPress Setting page to Dashboard of WordPress Application.

14. Click on “Start Wizard” as you see in the picture.

15. Now Set up your Website name and industry , title or tagline of your website on next page.

16. Now you can choose themes for your WordPress blog or site.

So that’s it. It is the complete process to create a website in WordPress. All of the above steps will take your 10 minutes to set up. When you logged in to your Website dashboard in WordPress, you can customize it or you can start your new blog. But as i said in previous article : Top 10 Best Ads Networks For Bloggers, If you want to apply for these ads network then your website should be new and secure.

In my next article. I will describe how to secure your website.

Top 10 Best Ads Networks For Bloggers

Top 10 Best Ads Networks For Bloggers

The ads networks are very important, if you are a WordPress blogger then you all know the importance of ads networks. If you choose right ads networks then it will help you to monetize your site without any hindering the user experience. There are lot of way to earn money by blogging. Placing ads on your website is a great way to earn money with a just little effort. Today we are going to talk about ten best ads networks which is available for all size of publishers. In terms of payout and usability , these ads networks are great. I will also discuss with you that how to get approval for these ads networks.

Best Ads Networks for WordPress blogger

  1. Google Adsense : Google Adsense is the best ads network in the world. I think all the bloggers used google Adsense to earn money online. Google Adsense offers CPC based ads. If you want Google Adsense approval, then you have to a blog and after that you can apply for Google Adsense. It is a program of Google so you get quality ads on your site. To get approval from google is difficult but the flexibility to show customized ads is the bigger advantage of Google Adsense. Google Adsense has a minimum payout threshold of 100$, this money is easy to earn if you traffic or a quality traffic and original content on your site. Google Adsense pay through Cheque, EFT, wired transfer and Western Union.

2. : For both new and established bloggers, is another great ads network. It Offers CPC programs with contextual ads of CPA and CPM also. is powered by bing and yahoo so you can expect good quality of advertiser. The ads offered by look very different from all other networks. Like Google Adsense, has also a minimum payout of 100$ and it will pay you through PayPal and Web Money. A new publisher can also apply for this ads network because there is no minimum traffic required. So it is a good feature for new and small publishers.

3. Propellar Ads : Because of its instant and approval and fast payment method, Propeller Ads is a popular ads network for bloggers. Propeller ads offers CPC ads program as well as CPM and CPA also. This Ads networks has real time reporting for all the ads which is good and this makes easy to track the performance of a ads and earning also. This ads network has a minimum payout of 100$ for Payza and Payoneer user and 550$ for wire transfer.

4. Popads : For small publishers, it is the best ads networks. you can get instant approval from this ads network. and it is best because it offers better CPM rate than all the others networks and one more important thing is that there is no minimum traffic requirement for this ads network. Propeller supports all kind of websites and it has a minimum payout of 5$. They pay you through Paypal and Payoneer.

5. Chitika : if you have good volume of traffic on your website then Chitika is the one ads network that you should definitely use. It is very Popular ads network among the people or you can say bloggers. It is also considers as an alternative of Google Adsense. This ads network has a low payment threshold of 10$ which they pay you from Paypal and 50$ for Cheque. This ads network also provide supports for both Advertisers as well as Publishers. But stay way from invalid clicking on your site, because if it is happens then Chitika will block your account immediately.

6. Infolinks : Infolinks is popular for its in-text ads formats. if it is content-centric then it is a great ads network to monetise your website or blog. It has many trusted Advertisers which offers timely payments like Amazon, Ebay, Facebook, Microsoft Etc. It have different ads formats like in-text ads, overlay ads, banners ads, in-screen and in-frame ads. you can choose among of these ads which you want to show on your website. The Minimum payout of this ads network is 50$ and and it pay you through Paypal, Payoneer, Bank Wire Transfer, and Echeck.

7. Revenuehits : Revenuehits is a CPA based ads network. It is a great way to make 10$-100$ per day very easily. CPA means they pay the publishers for every completed action on their website. It pay between 10$-50$ for each completed action. It is not a CPC based program so it does not for any click or impression. But this ads network offers very high CPA rates. It has a variety of ads formats and it gives instant approval. The minimum payout of this ads network is 50$ and it pay you through Payoneer, Paypal and Bank transfer.

8. Bidvertiser : It is an old and trusted ads network which offers different types of ads formats. so pulishers can choose any ads types with easily which suits with their blog. Bidadveriser do not offers very high quality ads but it provides ease of use and timely payments. This ads network has a low payout threshold of 10$. It Pay you through Cheques, Bank Transfer and Paypal.

9. Adbuff : Adbuff is also another ads network. If you want to apply for this ads network then you have to minimum 2000 unique visitors per day on your site. Adbuff is a premium CPC and CPM based ads network and its offers CPM rates. Adbuff has big advertisers who offers quality ads. The minimum payout threshold is 100$ and they pay you through Paypal, Bitcoin, Payoneer and wired transfer.

10. Hilltop Ads : Hilltop is another ads network which have anti-ads blocker technology, Hilltop ads network offers CPC, CPA and CPM based ads with real time tracking statistics for their medium and small or big publishers. If you have low traffic on your site then Hilltop ads is not feasible for website. This ads network is easy to use and have different types of ads. The Minimum payout of this ads network is 50$ and they pay you through Payoneer and bitcoin.

So these are the 10 best ads networks available for WordPress bloggers. They provided trusted ads delivery and payout timely in various way. So if you have a website then you can apply for all these ads network. Want to know how to create or make a WordPress website? Click below the link : How to create WordPress Website.

What is WordPress

Hi Friends welcome to we are providing useful and informative articles about Digital marketing and technical tips. In today’s life everyone want to know that how to earn money on the daily basis from home. So Our Aim is to provide best informative article what a user search in Google search engine. So let’s start. Our today’s topic is about What is WordPress and How can be used this platform.

What is WordPress ?

WordPress is a open source CMS (Content Management System). WordPress Helps user to create Dynamic blog and website. The most Popular blogging system of the web is called WordPress. WordPress allow user to create, edit and customised their CMS Website.

What is CMS (Content Management System)?

Content Management System (CMS) is a tool or software where we can store data like text, photo, music and document etc. The CMS allow user to edit, modify and Publish the content of a website.
What is the history of WordPress?
On 27th may 2003, two person Mr. Matt Mullenweg and Mr. Mike little was launched WordPress. But in 2009, WordPress officially Declared as open source.

Main Features of WordPress :

1. User Management :  In WordPress, you can create 1 or more user to create website and any of them, the admin can manager information of all others users. Admin can change the user role like as contributor, Subscriber, Author, Editor and Administrator. An Admin change change their user name and password. The authentication is the main part of a user manager.

2. Media Management : media management is a tool that manage media files and folder. This tools allow you to upload images, video etc. This tools allow use to manager your files on your website.

3. Theme : There are so many themes in WordPress platforms. Many themes are free. You can use free themes to give a good look to your site. but there are premium theme also. Premium themes gives more attractive look to website. But they are paid themes. Both premium and free themes contain images, stylesheet, custom page, template file. 

4. Plugins : There are so many plugins in WordPress. Like themes in WordPress, plugins are also free and paid. for better Seo of our website we have used Yoest Plugin. According to the need of user’s plugins provide custom features and functions.

5. Importer : Importers are the very useful function of WordPress. It is used to import data as a post from different website. Importers can import Custom Files, Comments, Post pages, and tag also.

How to Earn Money From Blogs ?

Everybody wants to make money but everybody confused that how to earn, where to start, what are the difficulties and rest of them, the main thing is people confused that what they should choose wordpress, Blogger, Tumblr whenever people thinks to start a blog.

So first we should think that what we want to do with blog. If we want to create blog for fun only then you can use blog spot or Tumblr because they are free and easy to manage.

But if you want to create a blog to promote your business or if you want to earn money with your blog then you should go with WordPress. It is a professional platform to work on. It is simple and easy to use. You can earn money very easily with wordpress. If you want to know that how you can earn money with WordPress then click on this link. 

Earn Money With Best Ads Networks : Top 10 Best Ads Networks